Award Recipients


Nicole Fillion-Robin – AOMA Graduate Scholl of Integrative Medicine ($5,000)
Nicole is now 2-time recipient of a TMF AOM Scholarship!
Nicole’s scholarship is sponsored by Dr. John Scott of Golden Flower Herbs.

I want to express my sincere thanks to the Trudy McAllister Foundation for their continued support of AOM graduate students such as myself. Last year, I was able to study TCM abroad in Chengdu, Sichuan in large part because of this scholarship. This year, I am incredibly grateful for this support, as I am taking my NCCAOM Board Exams in addition to my regular graduate classes. Thank you to Dr. Bruno, Dr. Heather George, Dr. John Scott and to the donors, sponsor schools and committee members for this honor. I can’t wait to be able to give back when I am a practitioner myself.

Lisa Anne Franzetta – Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College ($2,500)

I am deeply humbled and grateful to be a recipient of one of the few scholarships available to Chinese medicine students in our country. When Trudy McAlister learned that no national scholarship fund existed through which she could support AOM students, she started one herself. Her legacy to students is not only her philanthropy, but also this inspiration—to see what is missing, and to create from it an opportunity. It is this spirit of initiative that I hope to bring with me to my professional practice. Thank you to Dr. Bruno, Dr. George, and to all of the Trudy McAlister Foundation’s board members and donors for your generous support.

Molly Holmbo  – Southwest Acupuncture College ($1,500)

With a sense of accomplishment, I gladly accept this scholarship from The Trudy McAllister Foundation. I am thankful for the support of my colleagues, educators, and mentors. With this investment in my future, I hope to serve my community and advance our practice of acupuncture and traditional medicine. Thank you Trudy McAllister, the staff, the donors, and the community. Together we can provide powerful, positive medicine and I am so proud to be a part of the experience.

Sponsoring School Scholarship
(amount dependent on sponsorships received from AOM schools)
Kayla Arney     Northwestern Health Sciences University ($700)

I would like to express my deepest gratitude towards the Trudy McAlister Foundation for this scholarship. It is so incredible that a scholarship like this was set up to support students in pursuing an education in Chinese Medicine. I would also like to thank the incredible faculty at Northwestern Health Sciences University, my mentors, and the amazing support network that has rallied for me over the past few years. I plan on using this scholarship to support my education and to continue to work toward sharing this wonderful medicine with the world.


Jamie Wilcox – Northwestern Health Sciences University ($5,000)
Jamie is now 2-time recipient of a TMF AOM Scholarship!
Jamie’s scholarship is sponsored by Dr. John Scott of Golden Flower Herbs.

Jamie WilcoxI would like to express my sincere gratitude to the foundation for their continued support as I pursue my dream and goal of becoming a TCM practitioner. This scholarship has made a significant impact on my education and experience of this medicine. Last spring I was able to spend three weeks studying TCM in it’s birthplace at Henan University in Zheng zhou after receiving this scholarship. The Trudy McAlister Foundation is an outstanding organization that offers much-needed support and encouragement for students in this discipline. Thank you Dr Bruno, Dr. Heather George, Dr. John Scott and to all the other donors, sponsors, and committee members. I look forward to the continued growth of your foundation and joining you in advancing the practice of Chinese medicine.

Jasmine Lister – Oregon College of Oriental Medicine ($2,000)

Jasmine ListerI’m greatly honored to be awarded this scholarship, have it support my education, and look forward to taking my clinical skills to practice. As I continue my journey with this medicine, I pledge to advocate AOM as a practitioner and educator, and bring to light all the great work the Trudy McAlister Foundation does.

Nicole Fillion-Robin – AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine ($2,000)

Nicole Fillion-RobinI love that this foundation was set up because Trudy McAlister had such a positive experience as a patient of acupuncture and wanted to support others pursuing their graduate degree and licensure. My biggest concern when applying to acupuncture school and leaving my former career was student debt.Thank you so much for including me in this extremely talented group of individuals to receive one of the few acupuncture-related scholarships out there. I am truly humbled and grateful for the opportunity.

Anna Fleischer – Eastern School of AOM ($2,000)

Anna FleischerI am honored to be a recipient of this award and extremely grateful for the support of the Trudy McAlister Foundation in pursuing my goal of becoming an Oriental Medicine practitioner.  It is through the support of organizations like yours that help to make this degree possible. This scholarship will allow me to further my studies and focus my interests in Classical Chinese Medicine.  I look forward to giving back to the organization in the future and I am excited to watch the foundation grow! I cannot thank you enough for your generosity.

Hui-Li Yuan – Florida College of Integrative Medicine ($1,000)
Hui-Li’s scholarship is sponsored by the 2017 sponsor schools.

Hui-Li YuanIt is my great honor to accept this prestigious award, two years in a row. Many thanks to Ms. Trudy’s big heart. Much appreciation to Dr. Bruno and Dr. George for their tireless hard work. I am grateful to be blessed with heartfelt love and positive energy from this friendly Foundation family.
I would also like to extend my gratitude to all faculty members in my school, Florida College of Integrative Medicine, and my mentors through online seminars. Without their teaching, I could not have passed the three Board exams before my graduation. To my patients, I cannot say enough how much I learn from working with them. Their regular greetings and warm feedback ascertain my choice to practice Oriental Medicine.
Thank Trudy McAlister Foundation again for steadfast promoting AOM in this beautiful country!


Samantha Dettmer – Southwest Acupuncture College
Samantha’s scholarship is sponsored by Dr. John Scott of Golden Flower Herbs.

Samantha DettmerI am very grateful to be a recipient of a Trudy McAlister scholarship. It is rare to find organizations that are supporting students of Chinese Medicine and investing in the future of this field and its integration into the current medical system. I hope to use this scholarship to support my education and to continue to work toward sharing this powerful medicine with the world.

Travis Kern – OCOM

Travis KernLearning Chinese Medicine is a difficult task intellectually, emotionally, and also financially. In order to attend the best schools in the country, each student has to dig deep to find the funds to make that education a reality and having an organization like the Trudy McAlister Foundation offer ways to help soften that financial blow cannot be overstated. I am so grateful to be recognized by this fantastic organization, and I am eager to finish my final year of study and go out into the world to bring the wonder and power of Chinese Medicine to the people of Portland and beyond.

Colleen Teska – AOMA
Colleen is a third time recipient of this award!

Colleen TeskaIt is with my deepest appreciation that I thank the Trudy McAlister Foundation. The Foundation’s support, through scholarship, has been an integral part of my AOM education. Supporting the growth of our field and development of future practitioners is an essential component to the success of AOM, and it is an honor, to once again, be a recipient of this award. To be acknowledged for the hard work and tenacity required to pursues one’s passion is the best gift. I am so excited for my future as an AOM practitioner and very grateful for the continued support of the Trudy McAlister Foundation!

Jamie Wilcox – Northwestern Health Sciences University

Jamie WilcoxIt is an honor to be selected as a recipient of the Trudy McAlister scholarship. I am forever grateful to the foundation and contributors for their support of AOM students. I feel privileged to belong to this community and to be recognized as an individual that represents the legacy of this foundation. I’d also like to extend my gratitude to the generous and dedicated faculty of Northwestern Health Sciences University, my mentors, and my encouraging support network that have made it possible for me to follow my dreams and reach my goals of becoming a TCM practitioner. I will continue to do all that I can to embody the virtues that represent and advance our profession. Thank you for this award and opportunity.

Hui-Li Yuan – Florida College of Integrative Medicine

Hui-Li YuanI am truly honored and grateful to be the recipient of the 2017 Trudy McAlister Scholarship Award. My sincere appreciation to the scholarship committee for recognizing and encouraging me in the pursuit of my Traditional Chinese Medicine career and lifelong learning journey.
I am taking the love I have received and passing it on.
Thank you Dr. Bruno for your kind encouraging words and for offering this prestigious scholarship award.


Elizabeth B. Bennett – Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts – Elizabeth is a second time recipient of this award!
Elizabeth’s scholarship is sponsored by Dr. John Scott of Golden Flower Herbs.

Elizabeth BrownI extend my deepest gratitude to the Trudy McAlister Foundation and to Dr. John Scott of Golden Flower Herbs. I am now entering into the Chinese medicine profession with smiles and enthusiasm. Being able to look back and see the help I’ve received during my education reminds me that the whole experience is about helping one another. Thank you for the opportunity to receive, and I look forward to many opportunities to continue to give.

Melissa (Ariel) Bobotek – National University of Natural Medicine

Ariel BobotekI am honored to be selected as a recipient of the Trudy McAlister Foundation Scholarship, and grateful for the support offered by the foundation, my teachers, and my peers on the path. It is a tremendous honor to be recognized for my commitment to the field of Chinese medicine, and in my future work as a teacher and a practitioner, I hope to pass along the gifts, wisdom, and insight I have received. Thank you so much to those folks at the Foundation for supporting me in a top-notch education and for making this dream possible!

Kate Iberg – Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

Kate IbergI am honored to have been selected for the 2016 Trudy McAlister Scholarship, and grateful for the Foundation’s support. I would like to thank the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine for nominating me and for providing me with an outstanding education. I would also like to thank my parents for supporting me throughout the challenging experience of pursuing this degree. Most importantly, thank you to the Trudy McAlister Foundation and donors for making this possible. I greatly appreciate being recognized and assisted in this way.

Marina Orlova – Acupuncture & Massage College

Marina OrlovaI am so incredibly thankful for being one of the recipients of this wonderful scholarship. I would like to express my humble gratitude to Dr. Bruno and the Board for providing this opportunity to lessen our financial burden so that we may better focus on pursuing the knowledge that stirs within us the passion to help others. Thank you for all of your generosity and for making this scholarship available to us. I am excited to be a part of this amazing system of medicine and will strive to contribute as much as possible to keep our profession growing.

Colleen Teska – AOMA – Colleen is a second time recipient of this award!

Colleen TeskaThank you to the Trudy McAlister Foundation and Dr. Gene Bruno for continuing to support students of AOM. As a long term patient of AOM myself, it is a true honor to be awarded this scholarship 2 years in a row. As I progress through my degree program my financial burden has been decreased due to the generosity of such donors as this Foundation. Thank you to my AOMA professors and clinic supervisors, as well as my family, for their continued support on my educational journey.


Elizabeth B. Barrett – Florida College of Integrative Medicine

Elizabeth B. BarrettI would like to sincerely thank the Trudy McAlister Foundation and Dr. Gene Bruno for making this opportunity possible. It is a great honor and privilege to receive this scholarship. I feel very fortunate to be able to pursue the dream of helping people heal, and receiving this scholarship has brought this dream closer to realization. It is wonderful that this foundation has chosen to support this profession, and I will do my best to be a good ambassador of this medicine in the future.

Heather Gail George

Heather Gail GeorgeThe TM Fund is the only non-profit driven scholarship given to students in this field. This fact makes it even more of an honor to receive this award. This award will help me in my pursuits as a practitioner as well as to support future students of AOM. I extend my most sincere gratitude to Trudy McAllister, Gene Bruno, my teachers and everyone who have made this possible for me. I will be paying it forward in every possible way.

Amy Green – Won Institute of Graduate Studies

Amy GreenI want to thank everyone at the Trudy McAlister Foundation for having made this scholarship possible. I’m sincerely grateful to have been chosen as one of the recipients for 2015. As a working student, living far from any acupuncture schools, studying Chinese Medicine has required a long commute between two cities, with considerable financial demands. Receiving this generous help allows me to continue working, while studying a medicine I will practice lifelong. I’m happy to return the favor and, as a practitioner, donate to future scholarship recipients!

Taissa Kira – Won Institute of Graduate Studies

Taissa KiraI am thrilled to have been chosen as a recipient of the 2015 Trudy McAlister Foundation Scholarship. Many thanks to all those who made it happen within the organization and for having the vision to help support our pursuit in learning this extraordinary medicine. The exciting and imminent integration of AOM in the West is possible with the continued support of this Foundation and others who see the value that it brings to the modern medical practice.

Colleen Teska – AOMA

Colleen TeskaI am truly honored and humbled to receive this scholarship from the Trudy McAlister Foundation. Having been a patient of TCM for many years myself, now finally realizing my dream of becoming an acupuncturist is beyond words. To be recognized for my dedication to the field of TCM is affirming. With three jobs and a full time, fast-track master’s program, this scholarship will allow me to focus my energy more directly on my education, which is exactly where I want it to be. Thank you Dr. Gene Bruno and all the donors, especially Golden Flower, for making this scholarship possible.


Karmen Scott – National College of Natural Medicine

Karmen ScottIt is a great honor to have been chosen for the 2014 Trudy McAlister Foundation scholarship. I want to thank Gene Bruno and the Trudy McAlister Foundation for providing this opportunity for students who go beyond the classroom to involve themselves in AOM professional organizations. My heartfelt gratitude also goes out to the Oregon Association of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine for the tremendous amount of knowledge and experience that they have shared with me. This award serves as encouragement to grow as a future AOM physician and as a future advocate of our medicine.

Elizabeth Bennett – Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medicine

Elizabeth BennettAs a scholarship recipient, I am reminded of the many forms that support can take. There is a cyclical beauty in being able to receive financial support while moving into a professional role of offering medical support to others. I am deeply grateful to Trudy McAlister for not only contributing to the support of the profession, but also for creating a mechanism by which others can contribute. Ultimately, as a professional, I intend to contribute to the fund to complete the circle.

Carrie Lovemark – Five Branches University

Carrie LovemarkI am immensely grateful to be named one of this years recipients of the Trudy McAlister Foundation scholarship. I am thankful for the contributions made by donors, TMF members, directors and Dr. Gene Bruno to make this scholarship possible. Thank you all for reinforcing my goals and nurturing my spirit in my pursuit of a career of acupuncture and oriental medicine.

Kristin Hauser – Southern California University of Health Sciences

Kristin HauserI am honored to be named one of the Trudy McAlister Foundation Scholarship recipients for this year. I would like to thank the foundation for this opportunity and their dedication to the AOM profession. Also, thank you to all the donors that make this scholarship possible. The fact that the Trudy McAlister Scholarship was established by a patient of AOM is an inspiration and testament to the future of this medicine. Congratulations to the other recipients that share this honor with me.

ShengHsi Kimberly Liu – Florida College of Integrative Medicine

ShengHsi Kimberly LiuI am honored and grateful for the opportunity given by Trudy McAlister Foundation with this scholarship, so that I can continue with my education in Oriental Medicine. I who live in two cities, work full time, and manage being a full time student and a family woman. Having this scholarship gives me a reprieve, so that I can fully focus on my career. I will pay forward this honor by giving back to the community, patients, and future students once I am a Licensed Practitioner. Thank you very much!


Carrie Lovemark

Carrie LovemarkIt is an honor and a privilege to be named one of this year’s Trudy McAlister Foundation Scholarship recipients. This scholarship, funded by the contributions of private individuals, is a testament to the potential we as students and practitioners of Chinese medicine have to help our patients and create allies to promote our profession. I would like to thank Trudy McAlister and all other contributors for maintaining a scholarship that both provides financial assistance and builds self-confidence. I would also like to thank Dr. Bruno for his dedication to education, research in AOM and his active role in the Trudy McAlister Foundation. Thanks you again for all you do!

Elaina Stover

Elaina StoverThank you for the generous gift from the Trudy McAlister Foundation. As a result of this honor, I have a deep sense of purpose and confidence in my professional goals to contribute to the advancement of acupuncture in modern healthcare. I would also like to thank the AOMA Graduate School administration and faculty for supporting me in my efforts. I would also encourage every student to participate in the scholarship process, as the topics of the essay focus on key issues and encourage the reflection and curiosity needed to be dynamic and innovative in our educational pursuits.

Katie Ngan

Katie NganI cannot thank you enough for your generosity. It is truly an honor to be a scholarship recipient this year. I can now focus more on improving my patients’ health with acupuncture and worry less about paying tuition costs. Your continued support of the TCM profession is greatly appreciated.

Joanne White

Joanne WhiteMy sincere gratitude to Gene Bruno, Trudy McAlister, and the Foundation, as well as the faculty and staff at the New England School of Acupuncture who supported my application. I’m honored to be part of a community that celebrates acupuncture and supports the development of new practitioners, particularly since it was founded by an appreciative patient. This scholarship helps to alleviate the financial pressures of studying Oriental medicine full-time and provides inspiration for pursuing excellence in patient care.


Susan Allgeyer – Florida College of Integrative Medicine

Susan AllgeyerI would like to take this opportunity to thank the Trudy McAlister Foundation for their generosity in funding this scholarship. I am extremely honored to be one of this year’s recipients of the award. It’s encouraging and heartwarming that Mrs. McAlister’s interest in TCM has enabled her to provide such a fund as this one for students to help further their education and assist in their financial needs. I am in my second year at Florida College of Integrative Medicine and plan to focus my studies in women and children’s health. My sincerest thanks to the foundation for making this award available to students of TCM.

Zoe Culbertson – New England School of Acupuncture

Zoe CulberstonAcupuncture and Oriental Medicine courses are generally quite long, demanding and costly, with few scholarship opportunities, so it is an honor to be a recipient of the 2012 TMF Scholarship. The scholarship helps tremendously, allowing me to deepen my commitment to OM and pursue my studies in each of its branches, integrating acupuncture and herbal medicine into my current practices of shiatsu and internal exercise. The scholarship is all the more meaningful because its origins stem from the gratitude of a patient, Trudy McAlister, and it’s heartwarming to become involved in a circle of appreciation and service. The impacts of this scholarship extend beyond the individuals involved and support AOM as a growing field, contributing to the well-being of the greater community. I’m grateful to the generosity of Trudy McAlister, the dedication of director Gene Bruno and the hard work of the TMF board. I also want to thank the New England School of Acupuncture, and my friends and family for their ongoing support.

Byeong Jo – Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine

Byeong JoReceiving this award is a great honor to me, and I thank the Foundation for giving me the opportunity to advance my studies in AOM. This award serves as encouragement for my endeavor to become a healer and an ambassador of Chinese medicine. This award gives me the motivation to continue promoting the healing power of Chinese medicine, working with others to help Chinese medicine become an evidence-based medicine, and becoming a healer myself. I owe this honor to Jung Tao staff and faculty for their incredible support and encouragement in applying for the TMF scholarship, and to my family, all who have encouraged me in this personally meaningful and fulfilling adventure.

Pamela Verlander – Florida College of Integrative Medicine

Pam VerlanderI feel very fortunate to be one of the recipients of the Trudy McAlister Foundation Scholarship. Not only does this help offset rising educational expenses, it revitalizes the belief that others care about the future of acupuncture.


D. Stein
D. Stein
Crystal Lynn Keeler
Crystal Lynn Keeler
David Bibbey
David Bibbey
Christine Grisham
Christine Graham


Ian Koebner

Ian Koebner[To Trudy McAlister] … I want to thank you for your commitment to students of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. […] The significance of your scholarship is amplified because its roots are based in your appreciation for the efficacy of the care you received as a patient. Ultimately, it will be the confirmation of patients, whether through personal accounts or double blind random controlled trials, that will solidify the support for AOM’s full integration into American society. Your choice to support students as they embark on the rigorous course of study requisite to practice helps to ensure a sustainable and quality future for the field. I have chosen to pursue a dual degree at Tufts University School of Medicine (Masters of Science in Pain Research, Education, and Policy). Your generosity will allow me to continue on my path of learning and help me to serve as a bridge between the two medical worlds.

Patrick Kelley

Patrick KelleyI am honored to have been chosen for a 2010 Trudy McAlister Fund Scholarship. With a dearth of funding opportunities in AOM, the TM Fund really makes a huge difference in helping students of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine complete their training. I am humbled and grateful to receive this scholarship and will use the funds to further and deepen my studies. My heartfelt thanks go out to the TM Fund; my college, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, New York; my teachers; and my partner, family, and friends for their continued support. My career aspirations are to combine my practical experience in public health research with my clinical experience in acupuncture and Chinese herbs to improve the health of individuals, families, and communities. In Gratitude, Patrick J. Kelley.


Christy Kennedy

Christy KennedyIt is such a privilege to be one of the winners of the Trudy McAlister Scholarship for 2009! As last year’s winner, I have truly understood what a tremendous help scholarship assistance can be, especially since it is not all that common for TCM students. I am so grateful to Trudy McAlister, the Scholarship Committee, the Advisory Board, and to Gene Bruno for all of their support and hard work. Without such a dedicated team, students of TCM would have even less opportunity to fund an already expensive education. I encourage all students of TCM to study hard, pursue your interests and take the time to apply for the scholarships that are available. You never know, you could be next year’s winner!

Ian Koebner

Ian KoebnerI am grateful. Educational scholarships like the Trudy McAlister Fund are essential for students of AOM to manage the financial obligation of their studies. The Trudy McAlister Fund is particularly meaningful because its roots are based in Mrs. McAlister’s appreciation for the efficacy of the care she received as a patient. Ultimately, it is the quality of the care offered by practitioners of AOM and the various patient-centered outcomes derived from it that will advance the profession. Mrs. McAlister’s commitment to future practitioners is inspiring and I am honored to receive this year’s scholarship.


Christy Kennedy

Christy KennedyScholarships like the Trudy McAlister are vital to the survival of TCM. Without them, students like me might not have the resources to finish the long, rigorous and expensive education required to be successful in this field. I am humbled by the confidence my mentors have shown in me, and will do everything in my power to further TCM’s ongoing integration into modern American medicine. I will also work to preserve the integrity and effectiveness of TCM by honoring its historical character, philosophy and practice. This scholarship will help me complete my educational journey, but, more importantly, it will help my future patients in their search for better health and wellbeing. It is an honor to have been awarded the Trudy McAllister Scholarship for 2008. To the scholarship fund advisors and Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine faculty that selected me: My sincerest thanks!